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   At Eagle Carports Direct we are here to serve your storage needs. If its a metal barn for your animals, a cover for your RV, or a metal garage for your car we have just about anything you could need for storage. We have a well trained staff thats been in the carport business for over 10 years. 
  Eagle Carports Direct services coast to coast! We offer the widest selection of sizes and styles of metal carports and metal garages to fit your needs.
  At Eagle Carports Direct we have the widest selection of metal carports, rv covers, steel buildings, utility carports, metal barns and steel garages in the industry.
  At Eagle Carports Direct we offer 3 styles of roofs Regular, Boxed Eave, and Vertical (click on styles to see the difference). We offer our american steel carports, prefab garages, metal garage kits, steel barns, metal storage sheds, metal storage buildings and steel rv covers in 13 different colors. We also offer both engineered certified steel covers and non certified steel carports and steel garages.
  At Eagle Carports Direct we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best prices and highest quality buildings in the business. We have a staff waiting to help you find the right building to fit your needs and your budget. Please fill free to call us with any question you may have on buildings. You won't find a better per square foot price anywhere in the business.
  Our steel covers aren't your average cheap metal carports. They last longer than wood carports and are more affordable than aluminum carports. Also ask about our do it yourself carports and do yourself garage kits. 
  Our coverage area includes Alabama(AL),  Arkansas(AR), California(CA), Colorado(CO), Connecticut(CT), Delaware(DE), Florida(FL), Georgia(GA), Illinois(IL), Indiana(IN), Iowa(IA), Kansas(KS), Kentucky(KY), Louisiana(LA), Maryland(MD), Massachusetts(MA), Michigan(MI), Minnesota(MN), Mississippi(MS), Missouri(MO), Nebraska(NE), Nevada(NV), New Jersey(NJ), New Mexico(NM), New York(NY), 
North Carolina(NC), Ohio(OH), Oklahoma(OK), Oregon(OR), Pennsylvania(PA), Rhode Island(RI), South Carolina(SC), Tennessee(TN), Texas(TX),  Virginia(VA) and Wisconsin(WI).
  Just remember if you are looking for best price, superior quality, and best service you can depend on Eagle Carports Direct!
Eagle Carports
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Carports Metal Garages RV Carports Metal Barns Metal Carports RV Carports Metal garages
20x26x7 Regular Style Carport
With: (2) Gable Ends​
Starting at:​
$​​2020 + tax
12x36x12 Regular Style RV Carport
With: (2) Extra 36' Panels
Starting at:
$3085 + tax​​​
20x26x8 Regular Style Garage
With: (1) 6'x7' Garage Door
(1) 36" Walk in Door
(1) 24​​​" Window
Starting at:
$4690 + tax​​
Carports RV Carports Prefab Garages
22x26x8 Boxed Eave Carport
With: (1) End Closed
(1) Gable End
Both Sides Closed
​​​​Starting at:
$3915 + tax​
20x36x11 Boxed Eave RV Carport
With: (1) Gable End
(2) Extra 36' Panels​​
Starting at:
$3855 + tax​​
20x26x8 Boxed Eave Garage
With: (1) 9'x7' Garage Door
(1) 36" Walk in Door
(2) 24" Windows
Starting at:
$4940 + tax​​​​​
*Prices vary by State
Pavilion Carports
20x41x9 Vertical Roof Pavilion Carport
With: (8) 8'x8' Frame outs
(2) 18'x8' Frame outs
Starting at:
$9905 + tax​​​​
RV Carports Metal Garages
22x26x10 Vertical Roof RV Carport
With: (2) Gable Ends
(2) Extra 26' Panels
Starting at:
$3655 + tax​​​​
22x46x10 All Vertical Garage
With: (3) 10'x8' Garage Doors​
(1) 36" Walk in Door
(3) 24" Windows
Starting at:
$13,115 + tax​​​​
Metal Barns
48x31x12/9 Vertical Roof Metal Barn
With: (2) 10'x10' Garage Doors
(2)​​ 9'x8' Garage Doors
(1) 36" Walk in Door
Starting at:
$16,720 + tax​​​
Metal Barns
42x41x12/9 Vertical Roof Metal Barn
With: (1) 10'x10' Garage Door
(2) 9'x8' Garage Doors
(1) 36" Walk in Door
(1) 24" Window
Starting at:
$17,640 + tax​​​​​​
Triple Wide Carports
30x31x11 Vertical Roof Triple Wide Carport
With: (1) End Closed
(1) Gable End
Both Sides Closed
Starting at:
$8250 + tax​​​​​

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